Beta3. Third time. No joy.

The laptop had a good sort today. Loads deleted, defragged, scanned – the whole lot. Works as well as it can. Reading a few feedbacks about IE7 I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’d tried it when it first hit beta and it didn’t work. This time it still does not work. I can install in Safe Mode, with the AV on or off and all I get when I click the icon is a brief flash before it dies. Even the system logs give me no clue.
Scanning the ‘official’ newsgroups I see repeated scenarios with many others – and not one consistent solution. They talk about safe mode, about AV, about re-downloading dll’s, removing flash and shockwave, removing Google toolbars, Yahoo toolbars and other strangeness – it’s a beta3 – it should be about ready. It should ‘just work’.

Been playing with K-Meleon the past few days. Very nice. Very fast. Makes me wonder how much I might have slowed Firefox down with the extensions I use – which aren’t that many, only 21 – but there’s fast and then there is ‘fast enough and as functional as I want’. Firefox fits the latter.

A police helicopter has been circling around the motorway junction a few times as I’m writing this. No doubt it’s car thieves again – it’s damn noisy! How do people not know there is a helicopter about? They make a hell of a racket.

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