It should not be blue.

For years the inhaler you take when you have an asthma attack has been blue. Short of breath? Find the blue one. Off out? Grab the blue one. The preventers were light brown, dark brown, green, orange, white, red – but never ever blue. Until now. Glaxo Wellcome – hardly a small company – has produced a blue preventer. It’s got a big breen sticker on it that says to not use use it as a “reliever” but it’s still blue. How screwed up is this? I’m not the only one that ‘sees’ blue and reaches for it. Blue stands out. Blue is important. I went out with Winston the other day. It was really hot, the air was still and my breathing got worse. I needed the inhaler – and I find myself with a useless medication.
Glaxo have no excuse whatsoever for such a monumental f*ckup. Not one.

One thought on “It should not be blue.

  1. Wow. That’s so fundamental it seems like it must be a screw up. Don’t they run trials of these things? Were all the people on the trial colour blind?

    It’s one thing changing the colour of crisp packets but this, as you say, is just wrong. And not in a “ohh yes it’s wrong but they’ll get used to it” way, in a “someone could DIE kinda way”. I’m really surprised this got passed by the FDA as well, they are pretty stringent (my company does some work with pharmas and the standards and guidelines are… well I don’t think detailed covers it really).

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