But your mind is….

Generally a horrible day but with bright spots.
+ realising that some people are just plain nasty
+ getting a £10 redemption from Amazon
+ sorting out packing (though electrics have yet to be done)
+ throwing my mind back to the ‘Root’ days…..
+ printing out the tickets for the journey
+ I found and reported a feed problem for Feeddemon
– feeling really ill due to the hot weather
That one minus shouldn’t really outweigh the positives but I have felt supremely crap. Salt imbalance. I should have bought some bananas…..

Lightning last night caused problems so I had to reboot the router. That is not a problem – but it could seem to be next week. I need to train the girls.

One thought on “But your mind is….

  1. I’m having a lot of fun too *not*. :'( Three days ago my computer crashed. It crashed because I was screwing around trying to eliminate from my pirated copy of windows xp (1) a “this is not a genuine copy of windows pop-up box and (2) a you maybe a victim of counterfeiting pop up box” – as if [she said rolling her eyes].

    I found the windows update that carried this plague with it, which claimed it could not be removed and tried to remove it. Well, I guess you could say that Bill Gates & co. punished me for being cheeky. >:o

    Anyway, I got my computer back yesterday with new operating system programming but not much else in it because (1) I hadn’t done a back-up for about a month, and because (2) I couldn’t afford to pay for data recovery too. I lost all my bookmarks in my firefox browser, my email addresses and gobs of data [sigh]. I didn’t loose my usernames or passwords because I had them handwritten on 3″ by 5″ index cards. Anyway enough of this crying the blues. :'(

    The spot I was waiting for opened up and VOILA! I’m in the scary big city all alone to “treatment” which may be helpful or not. Technically if anyone asks I’m on retreat.

    I cut all my hair off in preparation for this last Saturday and I feel quite light headed. Actually I think I look “cute” being nearly bald and it sure is easy to take care of because all I need is two drops of shampoo to work up a lather. Just think of how much I’ll be saving on hair care products, eh. ;-)

    I was only supposed to have sporadic access to a computer terminal if any at all. I was not amused and I said so. “Yep, lots of fun. I just can’t wait, if you know what I mean,” she said sacastically to her doctor with her upper lip trembling and eyes shining wet. You get to torture me and I get no respite. I’ve got the picture and it isn’t a pretty one. I want my computer. I don’t want a TV or a phone.” VOILA! At the last minute I got a phonecall and they let me take my computer with me. So here I am on the other side of the Georgia Strait typing this to you.

    I’m aware of what’s going on on the forum. I have no patience with those who create nothing but negative blog content and do nothing but bitch, are always too busy and too important to help others, unless it’s a put up job so they can get their diggs in at Matt and you.

    You’re a straight shooter and a support maven. I appreciate that and I’m grateful for each and every little thing that you and the others have done for me. So aside from all the bullshit, and all those self-serving double talking poeple, who keep creating more of it and shovelling it onto others, know that you do have fans Mark. And always remember: illegitmi non carborundum (don’t let the bastards get you down!).

    :0 ooww ooww oowwWWOOOOOOoooooooo

    P.S. Please send me an email so I can put you back in my Thunderbird addressbook. I give a damn about what the doctors say I’m coming home – soon – and I’ll need it.

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