Just do it dammit

Lifehacker. A post called “Back on the GTD wagon: Do a mind sweep“. Nothing that wrong with the post itself, but they have what I assume is a quote from the book being plugged / reviewed:

Ubiquitous capture is a process that means staying mindful, always having the collection tools you need nearby, and then using them. No, it doesn’t have to be a Hipster PDA it could be a Treo, a whiteboard, or the side of your freshly shorn cat. The point is, capture the first time you think of it and you can rededicate that mental processing cycle to more interesting creative work.

Now pardon my language here… but that is a steaming pile of crap. It’s complete bollocks. It’s using lots of big language to say “Make a note” and they’ll charge you the book, a course and a personal mental trainer no doubt just so you can ‘make a note’. FFS. Who is the idiot here? Them for writing this trash or someone for saying “OMG! I so need this book!”. C’mon – this is …. garbage. When will people get a frigging grip? You don’t Get Things Done by giving these people money – or even finding pdf torrents – you get it done by doing it. We all have lazy days, we all have days when we can’t be arsed but we all know what we need to do.
“Ubiquitous capture” – piss off.

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6 thoughts on “Just do it dammit

  1. Well yeah.

    But no.

    Having read parts of the book I think it’s more about capturing ideas, and getting a handle on “incoming stuff”. When you class things that need to get done to include bills that need paying, statements that need filing and whatnot it’s all pretty easy.

    But step outside of the ‘task’ view and you end up with ideas that flitter through your head at random times, and.. ohh look. It’s easy to poo-poo the ..er .. ethos? but there are some good ideas in the book.

    And no I don’t follow the system, like you I just do things (although one question in the book is whether you are doing the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time.. but that’s a longer comment!)

  2. I work on the principle that if it is important I will remember it.
    If it is important my mind will work on it.
    If it is important I will do something about it.
    I don’t need to shave a cat or even use that imagery.

    It’ll be the same old same old with a new twist on a fairly dusty idea for the bargain price of $$$$$.

    Book2.0 hype :)

  3. I’m like the O’Reilly bunch – I’ve copyrighted that phrase and will throw all my toys out of my pram if anyone ever says it :)

    Me? Forget? Daily event. Multiple times. If I say it out loud my reminder kicks in. If I don’t hear her she kicks me :)

  4. It’s the whole “You do not have all the instructions to live any sort of life until you have heard me. At a cost of $$$$”
    Why does this guy say this? Why do people think that just reading a book will magically change them? It won’t. It’s like buying the fitness video and thinking that the deed alone (plus maybe watching it once) will render them sylph-like overnight. It just ain’t going to happen.

    I have a poor memory for somethings and all the books in the world cannot do anything about that. If reading books and gaining knowledge were that good then all our kids would leave schools with A’s.

    It’s one guy with a set of ideas. He has levied an admission charge. I simply do not underatdn why people would pay that charge.

  5. I don’t think I’ll be reading the book. What I need is the daily intent to write things down that arrive out of nowhere before these dissapear into the great unknown. When I wake up in the morning, or night now, the remnants of dreams, the faces of conversations, the images for sculpture are there. And so the day has fruit on the tree ready for picking. Pen and paper are my basket. Tape recorder, same.

    And it’s nice to see a face that matches the smile in the work. Lucky man!

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