Can I claim my internet connection as a business expense? I suppose I can because it’s essential but … dunno. One for later maybe.

I finally got all the digital photos on one directory and some software to help catalogue it. 2.5gb of images. I know that’s nothing compared to some but hey, it’s going to take me some time…

The company Aquasoothe ? “A Name You Cannot Trust” said they would pick up the part of J’s scooter today so they could get it back sooner. They lied. It’s still in the garage. That’s nice eh?

I didn’t blog about the screens I got. Bought from as have a few things recently. Excellent people. No small print, clear information and they have never been late. The screens were a day early. I like ebuyer.

And today for the first time in a long time I wanted to leave this machine off. I need a lot of sleep. Maybe I should cut out the caffeine :)

Google Video: The Power of Nightmares. Scary. (src: Reddit – though I blogged about it when it was on TV I think. I probably used the word ‘Very’ in front of the ‘scary’. Adding the ‘F’ word in there would not be an overstatement.)

I’m on a big Fatboy Slim kick atm. Interspersed with some Bond. Zen will be loaded with all for the trip. It’s weird that I have all my tickets and they all come out of the printer here….cue a “When I were a lad” moment… but it’s not. It’s just a comparison with holiday flights.

My microsoft mouse. Every morning I have to reset it to being fast (I have it one notch down from top). I have no idea why. Batteries are good. Maybe it too needs time to wake.

5 thoughts on “Scratchings

  1. You should be OK to use one room of your house as an office so long as you don’t have any signage or customers coming to call (“incidental use of one room as an office” as my company calls it) – this is just from a mortgage lenders point of view though.

    You can claim a share of the bills as business expenses – you need to work out how many rooms in the house, not including bathrooms, then divide the total bills by the number of rooms and then work out how long you spend working and work out how much of the cost of one room applies to that time… if that makes sense.

    And as far as ebuyer goes, I’m not happy with them. S ordered something from them ages ago and they were nothing but shite in terms of service and delivery. Never used them since, probably never will again. Nor dabs.

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