Which countries do you trust?

Something on Radio 5 made me think about which countries I would trust when they made any sort of important judgement, be that governmental or judicial. Accepting the fact that all Govt’s will always act in the national interest first but that the judiciary are not so bound, I wondered which countries I would inherently not trust.
I don’t care about any facts (in case someone were to trot them out) but I do not trust any decision at all by anyone at any level of power. I have the feeling they look at someone (anyone) from another country (esp the UK) and automatically (without the slightest hesitation) decide that they are right and everyone else is wrong. I think the animosity runs to deep that no decision will ever be in the interests of the UK and even if it were that word would be circulated to ignore the decision. (Remember – this is my intuition, not facts).
I think paused a while….in fact I’m still stuck on a country level anyway. On a different level I don’t trust the FIA, or FIFA.
Back to countries… would I trust a judgement from Germany, Italy, Spain – yes. Turkey …. probably not. Of the 25 EU members Greece would be behind France. It’s fuzzy then (I know Turkey is not yet in the EU.). But broadly speaking those two countries would – when a decision was made that adversely affected the UK – immediately draw a “Well they would do that” from me. The USA? No. In fact that’s 3rd on the list. This isn’t about individual people. It’s about the whole thing rolled into one.

3 thoughts on “Which countries do you trust?

  1. Huh?
    As a brit, right about now, I reckon the country I’d least trust in the world, is the one headed by frizzy haired Tony “Dubya’s beeatch” Blair… And that’s assuming I’d only look at the UK’s best interest at the exclusion of anybody else’s.
    But maybe that’s just me ;)

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