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06:48 Mon 24 Jul 2006

A hypocritical woman

Filed under: Film,News — 06:48 Mon 24 Jul 06

Radio 5. Commenting on a new film 9/11 by Oliver Stone a woman says it’s wrong to make money from people who have died. She said that if he wanted to make money from heroes he should have gone and found some others. That’s “Our dead are better than their dead” isn’t it?


  1. Let’s lynch all the Doctors, Nurses and dentists for making money from the ill, and the undertakers for preying on the bereaved too :). Let the ambulance drivers go though cos I like Random acts of reality.
    I won’t go and see it, but that’s just because I don’t like his films.

    Comment by MartinDB — 12:28 Mon 24 Jul 2006 @ 12:28 Mon 24 Jul 06

  2. Did she complain about Platoon, I wonder.

    Comment by Isabella Snow — 15:38 Thu 27 Jul 2006 @ 15:38 Thu 27 Jul 06

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