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00:36 Sun 23 Jul 2006

Nice things

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I am really liking this new machine. A week of getting used to it, a new keyboard, dual screens, less clutter. Most good. And yesterday, after trying all week I managed to max out the cpu by doing things with a DVD that meant a film ended up on it and working – no silver coaster! That made the CPU sweat – it does on the other machine but this did it much quicker. Must try that again some time ;)

Things to do:
– find a task launcher that really does stay on top all the time. Yzdock does not, Objectdock does not. Both disappear just when you need them. My quick launch is fairly stacked right now which is annoying.
– get used to Autohotkey It’ll save me loads of typing IF I get used to using it and IF it stops freaking out for no apparent reason and turning the kb into a letter explosion when a key is touched. (It just did it again when writing an email. Seems more and more like AutoPITA)
– hope my back gets better. The trampolining damage was lessening but this morning when out with Winston I had to hold his collar as 2 dogs were taken by. He pulled toward them – which he usually doesn’t do – and I had no slack so I was twisted sharply. Right now I’m sitting up very straight as it’s the only comfortable position.
– ponder what I can do with my
– welcome eldest back to the fold. She’s been away for the week with a friend so it’ll be good to have her back.

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  1. I never had any problems with YzDock not staying on top. Guess I was lucky.

    Comment by Cameron aka desk003 — 07:35 Sun 23 Jul 2006 @ 07:35 Sun 23 Jul 06

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