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I’ve had a few comments recently about the name of this blog. So here it is. Anyway… this blog started as a WP blog in January 2004 and it was not under it’s present name (I half remember the original)..

In March 2004 there was a UPB munch in Bristol (photographic evidence). On one of the days we were walking through the centre of the city and there was a TV crew of some sort that were talking to people. I’m wandering past and a lady from that crew approached me and said “What makes you happy?” to which my immediate response was “Lithium”. I declined the opportunity to talk on camera. I have no idea just how out of my tree I was around then – I’d stopped drinking the month before – but I won’t have been completely in control. I suppose. My memories of that are vague at best even with the pictures. That question stuck though. I liked it.

So I stuck it on top of my blog.

(If you want to read what makes other people happy, click the link at the top of the sidebar.)

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5 thoughts on “The name of this blog

  1. You know… I have often considered pointing out to you how weird your blog title made it to read some of your posts… Especially in an aggregator where stuff often appear as:
    “What makes you happy? – Gonorrhea, spammers and other things I hate hate HATE!”

    Not that your tone is ever rantish or anything ;-)

  2. Heh – it’s been pointed out a couple of times before but I’ve had some irate comments / emails too just recently so I figured I should come out with the reason why.
    I’ve blogged a few things which must have looked very odd :)

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