Capturing on a ccd

If I take your photograph – with your knowledge – do you have ANY rights whatsoever providing I do not alter or misuse that image to your detriment? I think the answer is “None at all” but……is it?

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  1. Steve – you know why I’m asking ;)

    Skippy – can I CC my likeness? I wonder if anyone has actually tried to say “It’s my face and you can’t use it commercially” – which would be daft as you’d be in the papers at least for saying it.

    Someone has pictures of me. If you want those pictures, you have to pay. I asked for those pictures quite some time ago – I was declined the chance to place them into a more public arena. So I’m wondering what my rights are – if any. (And it’s not just me…)

  2. Depends actually on the situation the photo was taken in/from.

    If it was a public place where anyone could have seen you… then generally you have very few rights (though still some). That is how the paparatzi function.

    However there are many resources devoted to the analysis of the topic. Its not cut and dry.

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