At 1:16am

  • The dog has been barking a lot today (yesterday) and that annoys me
  • My Warcraft 3 CD is damaged and will not install. I have taken steps to remedy that ;)
  • I have completely lost CD2 of Baldur’s Gate : Shadows of Amn
  • The display freaked out trying to play Diablo2 when other windows were open. That I expected…
  • I did not expect display 1 to die
  • or for the nvidia driver to ignore the dying monitor
  • or for an annoying system beep
  • or when rebooting to try and solve it to see the BIOS fly through only to be replaced with a blinking cursor when I should have seen an XP logo
  • add into that the previous xchat system beep instead of whatever it was before
  • add that Firefox insists on starting on the right screen so I have to move it left
  • were it not for the mending of the puncture on my bike, tonight might have been all gritted teeth

Anyway …….. it’s all sorted, screens work fine, Diablo2 stays unrun as yet and seeing as I have rebooted a few times, I need to get point 2 restarted.

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