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11:52 Sat 1 Jul 2006

Saturday working

Filed under: Work — 11:52 Sat 1 Jul 06

Site move (not mine), site creation (not mine) other stuff (not mine) …. I don’t remember the last time I actually had a day off. I can dream of one I suppose.

Filezilla. Is it me or is it getting slightly sluggish? I’m always uptodate – and it could just be me – but I get more connection errors, more transfer errors (I never got any) and when I close it the program seems to ‘let go’ slowly. I think I might change to something else for a while – though transferring loads of connection info does not appeal.

Back to the grindstone….


  1. Since you’re in a ‘do stuff for others’ frame of mind, I have quite a few things on my todo list I could pass them over if you wish :)

    Comment by Lynne — 13:11 Sat 1 Jul 2006 @ 13:11 Sat 1 Jul 06

  2. I still highly rate cute ftp But then its never been subjected to the work load you get through Mark. However,how about running it side by side for comparison? Thanks for the move this am Mark.

    Comment by joss — 16:58 Sat 1 Jul 2006 @ 16:58 Sat 1 Jul 06

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