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16:58 Wed 28 Jun 2006

Ping no pong

Filed under: Tech — 16:58 Wed 28 Jun 06

Modem. Router. Not fun at all trying to get them to talk to each other. Anyway, that’s something different. Lots of pinging going on to test connections without opening Firefox and it’s many tabs. ping – no problem. – no problem. – get nothing. Damn connection must have gone, check settings. No change, still cannot ping. Look harder – still nothing. Ater much poking around I realise that the problem is with cnn – they are unpingable by me. Or at the very least I don’t get the pong. / I get time outs. Odd – and very frustrating when I’m trying to get two bits of kit talking to each other.


  1. Yeah – the geeks @ have apparently blocked ping/ICMP packets. Good news though – the tech folks at have not…

    Comment by Justin Moore — 17:08 Wed 28 Jun 2006 @ 17:08 Wed 28 Jun 06

  2. They could have at least told me :)
    I swore lots when I thought it was broke and even more when I realised what they had done !

    Comment by Mark — 22:52 Wed 28 Jun 2006 @ 22:52 Wed 28 Jun 06

  3. I just installed a new firewall. Already blocked thousands of things. :)

    Comment by Capri — 11:42 Thu 29 Jun 2006 @ 11:42 Thu 29 Jun 06

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