Who would win?

I’m reading ‘You know you got soul’ by Jeremy Clarkson. In it he says that in a fight between Superman, James Bond and the Terminator that James Bond would win. I think he is totally wrong on that. Way off beam.
Take the gadgets away from JB and he’s nothing really compared to the others. Okay so he’s fitter than me, his chiselled good looks attract more than my mug and he has a way with women I can only dream of but compared to the two opposing guys, his teeth are full of sand.
Down to two ….. Superman / Terminator. There’s only one Superman (that Smallville stuff is about him isn’t it? Ignore that then) but there are a few T’s. I suppose I should pick T3 even though the bad guy in T2 is better (Heh, I nearly said cooler). So…. S or T. S – can fly, laser beams, strong but looks crap. T – sturdy, shoots BIG guns, looks better but is robotic / synthetic. The Californian one isn’t afraid of green rocks or a guy called Zod either. So Superman can fly around, do all his laser beams, freezing breath and throwing rocks / buses but Terminator takes it all and waits til the red-panted one gets close enough to bop him one. My money is therefore on Terminator. See Clarkson? You are wrong mate :)

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