I spy

I've forgotten when J had her cataracts removed and new lenses inserted, but the left one has gone wrong. She now has worse vision than before the operation – which is strange. So off to the slowest hospital dept in the history of Leicester next week …… and we have no doubt that they'll mutter and end up doing nothing this side of Wembley being finished because she has vision in one eye. Which she does. Still not right though. She's legal to drive – but then unless you have experience of reduced vision you would be amazed at just how little vision you need and still be able to keep your licence.

Got the Brain Training game for the DS yesterday. Tried the Quick Test. It rated me as having the brain of someone in their 80's. Did it again – 70's. One more time…. 50's. Seems to be amusing enough though :)

I'm debating going into the City tomorrow. In the afternoon. When there will be no-one around. Could actually be a pleasant experience.

Quote of our week – from J "So who are we playing on Saturday?"

Noise of the week – J playing "Three Lions" 

Task for the weekend: get all the games consoles in the house and hooked up to the TV. And if it's still sunny Sunday, have a go at sorting out more wires in the garage than are in a DIY warehouse.

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