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I wonder how many people have noticed that the Tax Credit system used to have the slogan “It’s your money, take it” and it is now (effectively) “It may well not be. Careful…”

We’ve been told we can apply for some new housing being built elsewhere. It’s a village some 25 minutes away and the homes won’t be ready for 1-2 years. While we don’t want to leave this village the simple fact is that there will never be somewhere actually in this village which will be suitable in the long-term. We had also decided that we would never move away from the village until the girls were grown. We might just miss this one …. P will still be at school and although we could keep her at the same school the fact is that we need to take our futures into consideration. An offer like this – with what we are told is a high chance of success just does not happen often. I doubt it would happen again and we have no choice but to look to the future. The new builds will have either the right equipment there for when we need it or will be built with such alterations in mind. As unwelcome as that is the potential need for that has to be faced – and not moving does not stop reality – ostrich-like we are not. Typical …. just as I get the garage all sorted and tidy .. if we get in it’ll be a good thing. If we don’t then we can still say to The Powers That Be that we have tried and they said no. We shall wait and see.

And the dropping of 200mg has not been a success. Tonight it goes back up.

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  1. Funny how life throws things like this, loads have gone on for me in the last few months (which I won’t talk about here :-)) but things (touch wood) are starting to look up.

    You may as well sign up for the new houses, it’s two years away, you never know the changes that will happen in that time. You can always say no when the time comes, it’s not as if you will be tied into it??

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