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22:07 Fri 19 May 2006

Ofted – there WILL be discipline.

Filed under: Education — 22:07 Fri 19 May 06

“We need to reinforce the message that school is a ‘place of work’ preparing youngsters for the world of work, where a work ethic is required – not a house of fun to meet youngsters’ social needs.”

They are kids – it’s their JOB to have no work ethic, to have fun, to run screaming around a playground, to laugh, to cry, to befriend, fall out with and then make up with others – that’s bloody hard work and if you can’t do all that when you ARE a kid then when in hell are they meant to?
Maurice Smith – loosen up ffs. (And while you are probably not chilling out, will you also stop telling us how to raise our kids? I don’t tell you what to do and what my kuds do out of school is entirely my business, not yours.)

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  1. I remember an anecdote my brother told me, he had this dinosaur of an elementary school teacher (back in the early 70s) who told their entire class the exact same thing.
    And she couldnt even pronounce “work ethic”

    Comment by Vidar — 13:57 Sat 20 May 2006 @ 13:57 Sat 20 May 06

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