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12:26 Wed 10 May 2006

Steady clicking

Filed under: Tech — 12:26 Wed 10 May 06

The external HD has – I think – bitten the dust. It has been dropping connection intermittently, making the odd noise or three and last night started a regular clicking as if the drive head was flicking to the side. Today I get read / write errors. I grabbed a DOS based drive checker but couldn’t figure out just what to do. So I’m copying everything off – I’m watching the transfer and it goes well (but very slowly), I hear the click, the transfer falters as the head seeks out the correct track again – then I’ll format it and check again just in case it’s bad sectors? Paypal details found, email sent to company concerned and I wait and see I suppose…..
I hate not having backups.


  1. What in gods name do you do to all those poor HDDs? Semms your constantly breaking them…. or is it the same one going bad slowly? :)

    Comment by AJ — 12:44 Wed 10 May 2006 @ 12:44 Wed 10 May 06

  2. Heh – I use them :)

    The guy emailed me back. Says it’s a power pack problem so can I mail that back to him. Seems odd but he’s the man….

    Comment by Mark — 13:19 Wed 10 May 2006 @ 13:19 Wed 10 May 06

  3. ABuse them more like…. poor ickle hard drive… over worked and under loved :)

    Comment by AJ — 15:50 Wed 10 May 2006 @ 15:50 Wed 10 May 06

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