After the drill…

The garage is yet again full of junk, boxes, books, games and the correct EU-approved quota of spiders. As I have shiny new drill I need somewhere worthy to put it. Tut tut … no shelfspace. In fact, no shelfspace at all. Down to B&Q, buy 2 metal – put it together like meccano – shelf units. And while I was there I saw a new toolbox. And one of those compartment boxes with the moveable bits so you can get lots of things in. Had to buy that. Them. Back in the garage there is so much junk – the council are taking it away on the 5th. I had a cardboard box squashfest this morning and that all goes Saturday – that I cannot get the meccano put together – but I can get my tools and use my new boxes which I did. I own – like everyone else – an astonishing number of Allen keys that I did not buy – a fact I discovered today. Having a new drill and new toolboxes bestows on me a feeling

That I know what I am doing

This is a temporary effect I know which will pass when J asks me to drill into the concrete lintel above the window to put up a new curtain pole.
Why when I’m in a big DIY warehouse do I get the feeling that I really should be walking round with thickly calloused hands, paint-spattered clothing and grumpy expression?

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