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21:20 Tue 25 Apr 2006

The foxes

Filed under: Family Life — 21:20 Tue 25 Apr 06

I mentioned the foxes that visit a while ago. They now arrive at about this time (21:15) every night for the first visit, returning later for seconds :) Both foxes sometimes grab a huge mouthful of food before dashing off – they will otherwise stand and eat where the food is. In fact last night we were a little late with the food so the dogfox (who nearly always visits first) actually came to the glass doors and looked inside) – so we think that there may be little foxes somewhere. This has the effect of increasing our petfood bill even more – it had already doubled with just the adults, but a whole family? It’s nice that they are a little less spooked than they were, and it must be nice for them to have something to eat every night. Wildlife is a good thing and I don’t think a bit of human intervention will harm them too much :)

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  1. Your a good man Mark. I help out lots of wildlife here in San Francisco, mostly birds, racoons and skunks. They need a bit of help with the encrouchment of society everywhere.


    Comment by knotty — 21:26 Tue 25 Apr 2006 @ 21:26 Tue 25 Apr 06

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