Despite the .eu going “live” (which meant overloaded ridiculously) on the 7th, I’ve still not got my domains available at Namecheap. They assure me it’ll be Monday. They said last week last week. Maybe they are really busy .. The idiots at also took money for an upfront ‘sunrise’ application which failed and they too have not refunded the money. I used to like Easily. Then I found decent registrars. Gripes aside though I do need to stop this domain collection. Not that I’ve got a lot – it’s only 14 – but they have no organisation and even less purpose probably. Or I could just not care :)

And if anyone feels like doing a raindance, go right ahead! The grass outside is starting to look closer to dry than wet.

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  1. I pondered, but as I own the only tamba2.* I figured I could take my time on that one :) I’ve got partly because I couldn’t get Mark.anything-else. But I already use PlanetMark as a ‘one stop’ place so …. yeah … not quite sure what to do – except sell it :)

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