Judas was innocent (unless you are a Christian..)

Yet another reason why christianity is worthy of little in the way of respect.

“The document ………. almost certainly adds nothing to our understanding of what happened 150 years before it was written.”

Yet they know precisely that what happened in the bible really did?

The Gospel of Judas is known to have existed before AD180, when it was denounced as heretical by Bishop Irenaeus of Lyon.

So this guy says one thing and they all fall into line. The word “sheep” comes to mind.

Scholars in Britain pointed out that the document appeared to have been written several decades after the last of the gospels in the New Testament – that of John – and at least a century after the death of Judas Iscariot.

To all authors of all history books – stop. Just stop. It’s pointless – you’ll never be believed because you wil be wrong. Completely.

Christianity – it’s still bollocks.

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