Mr and Mrs Reynard

We noticed Mr Fox a couple of months ago but putting some fencing up to prevent Winston from leaving the garden also prevented Mr Fox from coming in. Since that date Winston has perfected his “steamroller” move so what fence we have hangs and blows in the wind. Mr Fox came back. Several nights ago I noticed and we decided to put some food out. It was gone by morning. We’ve left food out since then. Two nights ago while trying to take pictures we realised we had two foxes – they were playing in the garden just out of the lightfall.

This is Mrs Fox – she’s lighter, her legs are not black and she is much more timid. Mr Fox has walked up to the huge glass window with us quite literally inches from his face. He isn’t fazed by the lights – or by the cat following him. P took this picture earlier and Paint Shop Pro did some work on it – the original is virtually solid black. Our pet food bill just went up :)

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