9 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves deserves a beating

  1. I agree with Martin – this has been taken totally out of context and blown up way out of proportion. I don’t doubt that Keanu is an idiot. He’s not renowned for his intelligence, but he has in the past been relatively publicity-shy for such a famous person. Considering how this is now been mis-quoted all over the internet it looks like that was a smart move on his part.

    Give the guy a break. As if none of us have never said something inappropriate/politically incorrect. And shoot me for saying this if you like, but IF he said that and meant in the context it has been taken, so what? That’s his opinion. It’s not necessarily right, but he’s entitled to it just as we are ours.

    And just to be really controversial, I think that there is definitely an element of truth in what he has been quoted as saying, as much as I disagree with the idea of it.

  2. I couldn’t care less what he believes.
    I could care that he is a role model and I do care that what he says – however misquoted – will be picked up by others. he has a responsibility to be careful about what he says.

    I have a go at Tom Cruise every chance I get because of that the dumb fuck says about his beliefs, his knowledge, his powers. Have I had a go at John Travolta? No – because he wisely keeps his moth shut – as Keanu should have done.

    If hs really IS clever he should have known he would be mis-quoted and if he did think it was okay to say he would not have added thise last couple of words. He fucked up and regardless of the actual event some guy somewhere will do something because Keanu thinks women like it.

  3. actually, from what i’ve read in several articles, the most recent being one in Wired Magazine, Keanu is actually very intelligent despite how he comes off. That was a stupid thing to say, even if he was misquoted, which i think he was. Like Mark said, you should be careful with what you say or how you word things.

  4. Any controversial quote with “…” in it is automatically suspect as far as I’m concerned.

    I mean using that I could make your last comment this:

    “… I could… do… Tom Cruise every chance I get because… he fucked… Keanu” ;)

  5. True enough.

    My point is that, however careful you are, there is usually a way peopel can twist your words.

    In this case he amde a mistake, but actually in the context the quote was made it made sense – it’s when its taken out of context it becomes a problem. Just as many comments can. The mistake wasn’t so much the statement, but more his trust that the statement would be seen in context.

    And in fact it reflects more on other people than him. I also wouldn’t say he is a role model. Famous? yes, of course, but a role model? No. No more than any movie or music star.

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