Many moons ago – back in the Amstrad CPC6128 days (when I could write assembler) I played a lot of text adventures:

Several years ago I bought The Lost Treasures Vol 2 which I still have. All the docs, the book, the 3 FD’s. Because some adventures I wanted to play were not on that selection I bought Masterpieces. I bought these partly because I enjoyed them, partly because of nostalgia (polygons per second? pah!) and partly because they were now cheap. Back in the 8bit days they were relatively expensive as Infocom-anything commanded a premium. So …. earlier this evening I was playing KoL and got into a map of some sort and it was a case of “You are standing in a clearing. There is a gurgling stream to the south etc…” which made me recall the Masterpieces CD (I’m stuck in Leather Goddesses and Trinity) but I remembered that the interpreter ran the CPU at 100% for some reason – very odd. So off I go and get a couple. And since I’ve reinstalled I go hunting for the Masterpieces CD. I have hunted everywhere without any joy at all. I know it’s in this house, I know it sat to my left for some time but I do not know where it went. So I found a torrent and downloaded them. That’s probably illegal but I’ve got a couple less than are on my CD – but who cares. Given their age whoever owns Activision should package the whole lot up into one huge shiny package with all the manuals, books and invisiclues and then sell it for some ridiculous price. I’d buy it as well.

Now…. Trinity I’ve got to the sundial thing and can open the mushrooms but I’m then stuck. Leather Goddesses I can’t recall right now, and the Zorks I’m stuck all over the place.


6 thoughts on “Infocom

  1. That’s cheating though :)

    I will figure them out eventually – the problem with the text adventure faq stuff is that unlike the help at the time you get to see more than you need. Way back then it was structured very cleverly so that never happened.

  2. Mark,

    You may or may not also be interested in checking out the IF Archive (, which hosts hundreds of text adventures (or interactive fiction, as they’re known today) by hobbyist programmers using special IF languages.

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