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10:47 Sat 4 Mar 2006

Tessa Jowell pulls a fast one

Filed under: Politics — 10:47 Sat 4 Mar 06

So Tessa and Tony cook up a plan. She announces a ‘split’, public dutifully say “Awww, poor thing can’t have known, just look what it’s come to”, Tony can keep his record of never sacking fellow trough feeders and this whole stinking affair can be pushed away onto one half of the guilty pair – who the Govt will assist as far as it possibly can because they need to help the Italian Govt, then the bribee will be found innocent and we’ll get the soft-focus images of the pair reuniting in the manner of Dud and Bo.
Excuse me while I puke because this action confirms beyond doubt that Tessa Jowell IS guilty.


  1. Now thats just how I interpreted that news story to. Fiddling lying etc and these are the people we are supposed to trust! Pah spit on them.
    I like the new look by the way:)

    Comment by joss — 20:39 Sat 4 Mar 2006 @ 20:39 Sat 4 Mar 06

  2. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the Parkie interview last night. FWIW I thought that he came across very well :)

    Comment by dino — 21:38 Sun 5 Mar 2006 @ 21:38 Sun 5 Mar 06

  3. I paid as much attention to him as I think he has done to his labour roots.

    Comment by Mark — 22:02 Sun 5 Mar 2006 @ 22:02 Sun 5 Mar 06

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