Comic sans ms is a wonderfully cool font

A few posts down I said I don’t like Flickr. I have probably dismissed other things (Tada lists and Backpack spring to mind) but it’s in the comments of that Flickr post that has made me realise more why I dislike them.
Gregory and slh make the point about mo-blogging, and Gregory and Claire make positive noises about tagging. I have no need for either, and I would guess that if Flickr described their userbase as they saw it, I would be on the fringes. Not because I don’t like it but because I don’t moblog (I don’t have a mobile right now and even if I did I’m not away from the house long enough to do more than take the pictures I already do when I’m walking the dog and that camera is much better even if the pictures are still garbage to all but me) (there was no comma in that sentence – did you notice ?) and I don’t have a wide circle of friends / acquaintances / whatever to be grouping images. I’m also not into the hype. While Flickr may not have generated hype, and while it may well be a good product, it still – for me – gets the Ooooooooohh factor because A-listers say nice things about it. Fickle. Not the A-listers but those that follow. Crap, of course A-listers are fickle – that’s why people follow them in the hope they see the ‘next new thing’ post first so they can be seen to be more ‘in’ than you and me. Or they can get the first “OMG You are SO right !” comment in. But hey, someone has to lead :)

It’s like any ‘product-of-the-moment’ – who does like it ? How many people don’t like it but use it because their mates do and it’s expected and they want to be cool too ? How many people will be happy when it’s gone but they daren’t say it right now because they’d lose so much face ? How many people think it’s tasteless over-hyped over-expensive crap but they crow over it nonetheless ? And how many people get taken in purely by what they see.

I’m trying to think of something I like that others may not …… Diet Vanilla Coke anyone ?

What I don’t get about online hype is this though – why the sheep following ? If one of my girls came back from school one day with dyed black hair, pancake white makeup, black ill-fitting clothes and wailing about how cruel life was and that death would be an escape, I could understand that she was trying to ‘fit in’ with her friends if they had changed too. She is with them in person, daily contact, meet greet and body language constantly, learning about life every day. So yes, if that happened I could understand. (Did I say I would agree ? I think not…) But to do the same thing about something online ? With people you may never talk to let alone meet ? Why ? Why are you / we / they shallow for that to happen ? Going back to that example of my daughter – what if she went to school like that one day knowing that she would be the only one like that ? What if the next day her friends copied… is she toying with them if she then changes ? So why the online ‘running into line’ ?
Example: Comic sans ms. Horrible font. Don’t you just know that if a few key people said that is was cool that even more would start to use it ? Despite the fact that they knew it was bad, they would still go through their css and replace font-family statements. Why ? It’s not like the A-listers are going to ignore you in the street is it ? Why would people change ? But they would. The online world is shallow enough isn’t it ?

Hell I sound cynical. Everything will have it’s sheep just like everything will have it’s fanboys. I’d like to think that I fall between those two. But everyone would say that :)

Was: “Where Do You Want to Go Today?”
Is: “Where Do They Want You to Go Today?”

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7 thoughts on “Comic sans ms is a wonderfully cool font

  1. LOL, Jim beat me to it!

    However, isn’t is just possible that the most popular things are popular because they hit a sweet spot for a large number of people? Flickr as the example. It does a good job of what it does. Isn’t that why the A-listers are ‘hyping it’?

    It’s a fine line, granted, but I’d warrant that a large number of people use these things despite the A-lister recommendations. I, for one, have enough smarts to ignore the hype. If it WORKS for me, I’ll use it.

  2. LOL @ Jim

    Gordon – possibly true, maybe I should someone manipulate my sweet spot :) I think it is a fine line, and there is a point where something reaches a critical mass as to be considered the de facto way of doing things.
    I do find it very funny in some ways though – people are watching Google to see what data it gives up and will yell from the rooftops about that but in the meantime they are shovelling their personal data into these ‘oh so cool’ Beta Web2.0 whatevers – and flickr is no exception.

  3. Comic Sans is great – for the use it was intended. However it’s a much abused font as it is one of the few “friendly” fonts that come as default in windows.

    It’s problem is misinformed overuse, and Times New Roman is going that way too.

    I think you make good points, I just don’t think Flickr is popular because of those reasons. Though I’m sure there are people that use it because of that, I’d bet those are free users however. If you are going to pay for Flickr you must (unless you are rich) find it useful and a good product.

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