Saw on Claire’s blog that there was some noise on UPB. Would I go to a Sheffield 3 ? Oh yes. Will I paypal money to anyone in Harrisburg PA who breaks every finger on the low-forehead’s hands ? Certainly, how much is required ? (Not his legs, or his body. Just his hands. Oh, and his jaw for good measure). Do I read UPB ? No (I checked in GGroups). Do I read RAB ? No. Is it surprising ? I don’t think so. Was it a bit rich for FatPat to commiserate on krys’ blog about the demise of UPB when he was the one spying with irc bots ? Yes. Sheffield would be good though. As would London for a day…

I meant it about the paypal.

Update !
New information. Name, Address, Phone number. Supplied by a fine resident of Harrisburg PA.
must find a use for that number …..

6 thoughts on “UPB

  1. Ah. Well. Hm. Let me take one step to the side….. A Sheffield would be cool – I’d love to meet up with you again – but I bet the dates are such that I won’t be able to make it. If not – for sure another time? London would work…….shall we plan something?

  2. We were looking at late July/early August for Sheffield, although if the want is big enough we could re-locate to Derby and take in the coonvention. In which case, that would be mid-July – 16th and 17th I think…

  3. ‘Thought so. Ah – the inconveniences of children! *grin* Due to term dates, we have to holiday when we’re told to, so the late dates hit our summer holiday, and the other one’s ‘d be too close to it financially speaking, since holidaying in August costs an f’ing fortune! :) Something somewhere sooner or later though.

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