Patience. I have some !

See that arrow ? the red thing ? I have just spent the best part of 90 minutes if not longer trying to get the gimp to make something like it. An arrow. It’s easy in Paint Shop Pro – menu, shape, arrow, draw. Gimp ? no way… must be it’s Linux roots ;) I need to do some screen-capping and I need arrows. I have a feeling I’ll be installing (my purchased) PSP tomorrow…. not a lot to ask is it … just an arrow…

Spoke to the bank today. They have the first call which was not an issue, and they now have to find and listen to the second. IF I want to hear it they have to send it to my local branch and I can listen to it there. So IF I do, I will record it to my Zen somehow. When I rang though, I said to the (very nice) lady that something ought to happen when they found out I was lied to / mislead / whatever, and her first response was “We will have a training issue to address”. I put her right … No, you will have just what you have now – a very unhappy customer who feels very angry at the bank and who does not feel any happier because he has identified a training deficit for the National Westminster Bank. She agreed. But the real problem is a Little Britain one – the computer says No. Every person in every bank uses that as an excuse – but who put those two letters in ? Who makes it says that ? Who can make the computer say Yes ? Who does the computer bow down to ? Would it really take a multi-million pound lottery win for the computer to say “Hmmm…. maybe. How much was it again ?”. Makes me think of bankers as some sort of prostitutes’ collective as they are only in it for the money and to screw the customer for all they have (sorry Gary!). Imagine being told Yes by Meg Ryan in that film and soon after being told No by Michael Corleone. That’s how different it was. Training issue bollocks. I’ll get an apology, I’ll keep at them until they give me a few quid and then I’ll push them for more. And then … dunno. I’m the little guy. bah.

And I’m unwell and coming down with something. How do I know ? My ear cartilage piercings are playing up and both sides are painful. I sleep very carefully.

(And there is a new page at the guides that covers wrapping plugin functions and the Testtrack blog has been chiselled at by me because of some jokers trying to play with things. I’m surprised it took this long…)

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