WP Slim

You know how people strip things like Windows down so they have a perfectly workable OS but without the things they do not want ? I’m trying that with WP. The default 1.5.2 unzips to 1,104,075 bytes and this version you are looking at currently weighs in at 786,222 bytes. I make that around a 25% reduction. So far :)

4 thoughts on “WP Slim

  1. Files I don’t need. As yet I’ve removed no tabbing (I hate tabbing) and no comments (meaningless to me). When I get to a bare minimum I suppose I ought to do a comparison. I’ll say one thing though – it’s quick :)

  2. If you ever get around to doing that for 2.0 let me know ;)

    I like 2.0 from a development standpoint, at it is marginally faster on the front end than 1.5 (by like… 0.01 of a second)

    The admin however is goddamn painful, and there must be a way to speed up the front end too… LightPress was something that tried to slim it down.. but it broke WP themes, which isn’t good.

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