BBC and Typepad

Reading the comments on Nick Robinson’s BBC newsblog I see SixApart mentioned in there:

You should be aware that this blog site is currently being hosted by Six Apart Ltd on behalf of the BBC and your e-mail address will be held by Six Apart Ltd on web servers in the USA. Your e-mail address will only be held by the BBC and Six Apart Ltd and will be used for the purpose of administering this blog site.

Looking at the source code, there is no mention of Sixapart or MT. There is a ‘link rel’ in the header to a typepad location. A search at the BBC does not turn this up (which may say more about the BBC’s search engine) and a Google search of does not seem to mention this linkup either. I can see that the BBC might be saying that they want the link to stay quiet because of some ‘endorsement’ concerns, but then the information is in the comments. So why nothing from Sixapart ? Or maybe I missed something … not that it matters, it just seems odd.

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