Just two ears ?

I’ve seen this a few times in shops – “Customers are limited to 1 mobile telephone purchase”. It’s not a shortage because I’ve seen it in so many shops – so why ? Those phones aren’t licensed, they aren’t anything but phones – so why the limit ? Why, if I decided to go buy myself and my two girls new mobiles am I not allowed ? I can’t work out not only why this limit but any sort of reason for it – what can you do with two mobiles phones (or three or more) that you cannot do with one ? Or did I miss a huge news item ?

3 thoughts on “Just two ears ?

  1. There was a post on Engadget a few weeks back about a wallmart or similar employee reporting a purchase of 50 phones or something, and the fella was picked up for suspected terrorism… I suppose it could be similar… maybe al-Qaeda like havin the latest handsets to organise their attacks!

  2. wow Mark i visited your “game i play” section wow you’ve got all the console game hehehe me i only got ps2, dreamcast and pc. ps3 soon to come hehehe but im still undecided i want xbox 360 too.

    anyways regards to your entry maybe they are afraid to imitate there phones. they some customer buying many units of phone and sent it to china to make a copy with it and sell out at a cheaper price. hmmm thats what I’ve read somewhere.

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