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23:25 Wed 1 Feb 2006


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I had a bazillion entries in an error log today – and they are usually very small files. A “412 Precondition” error occurs which then sets off 4 more error entries. So a lot of 412 * 4 is a lot of lines. From what I’ve read, Bad-Behaviour can cause 412 (but I could be wrong) so I’ve switched that off for 24 hours – I don’t think SK2 will break into a sweat.

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  1. Bad Bahvior causes a 412 when a spammer or rougue scraper is blocked. It’s a good thing generally.

    In other words: all that was stopped before it even got to your site and SK2. It will be interesting to see how SK2 performs if that keeps up…

    Comment by Gregory — 13:52 Thu 2 Feb 2006 @ 13:52 Thu 2 Feb 06

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