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17:29 Tue 17 Jan 2006

Reaping what we have sown

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The worst will happen and survivors will have to adapt to a hell of a climate.
src: The Independent

(src: Shannon @ BME) NSFW


  1. Seriously though? The science in that is mostly guesswork to say the least.

    I’m all for more enviromental controls, but crazy bad science doesn’t help.

    Comment by Gregory — 04:10 Wed 18 Jan 2006 @ 04:10 Wed 18 Jan 06

  2. No doubt we’ve caused a lot of issues on this rock, but I found little to convince me from the article that The End Is Nigh.

    Our innate sense of self-preservation is too strong, and I believe that we can make significant and long-term positive changes to our environment. I don’t see much value in extremist views one way or the other.

    Think globally, and act locally; I try to do that in the best ways that I can, and that is all I can do as one member of the collective.

    Comment by Craig — 00:17 Thu 19 Jan 2006 @ 00:17 Thu 19 Jan 06

  3. […] On 17 Jan, I linked to an article in The Independent written by James Lovelock concerning the world environment. On 27 Jan, I linked to an Opinion piece by Boris Johnson on assisted suicide – a powerful piece of writing it was. And now today, Mr Johnson turns his gaze toward the environment and comes up with an philosophy / idea I’d not considered before. (He does use some big words though !). ¤ Read (2) […]

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    If you look at the comment abpve this, you should be able to make out the word ‘Pingback’ at the start of the comment text.

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