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22:48 Thu 12 Jan 2006

WordPress blogs on Google Earth

Filed under: Google,WordPress — 22:48 Thu 12 Jan 06

Ages ago I used WorldKit to make a map of where people were using WP both in the UK and over the world. I just put the data into a file when people sent it to me, I went and got data for no-one because I hardly know where people live do I ?

Anyway, that file was sitting there doing nothing, I was playing with Google Earth (still haven’t found a penguin – I’ve even checked zoos!) so I slung them both together.

The file you need is this: WordPress.kmz.
Download and in GE, File > Open > browse to saved file.

If you want to take that file and do other stuff with it, help yourself.
If you want removing, email me.
Need a correction ? Let me know.
If you want to be on it, send me the (WordPress) blog name, blog description and blog address. ALSO send the latitude and longitude of exactly where you are……. to t2 @ Putting Google Earth as a subject will help the filter.

If you want a reminder about why you need to be exact, in the map I just made someone is blogging from a freeway, someone else appears to live in a national monument and two people are ‘swogging’ – swimming while blogging.

And it’s not serious, it’s not “official” – it is whatever you want it to be. And if being on such a thing means an extra visitor or two, why not ? :)

Update: I don’t ask that you can only read this blog if you use WP do I ? So why keep it WP exclusive ? No reason. After all, if we never looked at blogs other than from the engines we used then we’d not be able to see the other things that can be done with themes and sliding comments! so if you do want adding …. send info :) Or take it and make it more. or something. Or just ignore it.


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  4. Very cool Mark, and perfect timing as Google Earth has just made it to the Mac. I’m intrigued to know the method you used to add locations, I was expecting the locations to be xml formatted like the googlemaps API. As it wasn’t it took me ages to add myself.

    Btw – penguins are probably a bit below the angular resolution of the satellite, but I did see two guys found themselves, so keep searching!

    Comment by Ian — 23:51 Thu 12 Jan 2006 @ 23:51 Thu 12 Jan 06

  5. I cheated with GE. I used the data from WorldKit and just copied / pasted. I would love to have some really geeky explanation that involved the scraping of data, pinging here and there, running code through processes with 4 letter acronyms but alas….. I just copied what people sent me.

    I think I found lots of penguins. Some might say they are but shadows though. UNBELIEVERS!

    Comment by Mark — 23:55 Thu 12 Jan 2006 @ 23:55 Thu 12 Jan 06

  6. Please post a pictures of your penguins. Is this the beggining of Google Earth Safari? Race you to find a zebra!

    Comment by David — 09:44 Fri 13 Jan 2006 @ 09:44 Fri 13 Jan 06

  7. Pointer 38 40’49.06″N 31’31.36″W

    Comment by Cameron aka desk003 — 17:00 Thu 19 Jan 2006 @ 17:00 Thu 19 Jan 06

  8. Cameron – I make that somewhere in the Atlantic ….

    Comment by Mark — 07:00 Fri 20 Jan 2006 @ 07:00 Fri 20 Jan 06

  9. *opens Google Earth*

    Try this.

    Lat: 38°40’46.02″N
    Long: 87°31’33.77″W

    Sorry, lol

    Comment by Cameron aka desk003 — 08:46 Fri 20 Jan 2006 @ 08:46 Fri 20 Jan 06

  10. It’s not much different, but thats exactly what I pull out of the “make a placemark:advanced” dialog when I input my address.

    Comment by Cameron aka desk003 — 08:47 Fri 20 Jan 2006 @ 08:47 Fri 20 Jan 06

  11. Not that much different…. what’s 50 degrees between friends eh ? ;)

    You are on the map :)

    Comment by Mark — 09:11 Fri 20 Jan 2006 @ 09:11 Fri 20 Jan 06

  12. Hi Mark!

    This is a great idea, that I have thought about myself, since I experienced the great blogging community. I had a love affair with Google Earth last summer.

    If this takes on, it would be impossible to cut and paste all data.
    I don’t have a script for adding data, but it is certainly possible to do, considering the kmz files are XML.

    In GE, as I guess you know, you may load the kmz file dynamically from a web server. Anyone who installs the kmz url into GE, would always have the latest version.

    The “GEarthPress” ( or whatever site ) would have an kmz upload area where blogger could join ( provided backtracking I guess ).

    A script would take the uploaded kmz file, unarchive it and add it to the WordPress.kmz file ( zip archive ).

    The kmz-file itself is easily created in GE with coordinates, direction, distance and tilt and saved to disk.

    If you like to include me, my kmz file is here:

    Comment by Petit — 17:38 Fri 20 Jan 2006 @ 17:38 Fri 20 Jan 06

  13. Petit – what you are describing sounds a lot like what Chris J Davis is up to with GE, though I guess we will have to wait for part 2 to be sure.

    Comment by Ian — 19:28 Fri 20 Jan 2006 @ 19:28 Fri 20 Jan 06

  14. Ian – Yes you are right of course. When I thought this the other day, I also had the idea that “maybe I’m first this time” :) Ha!
    Anyhow, I played around quite a bit with GE this summer and enjoyed it very much. It was truly a new and fascinating experience.
    GE ( or rather KeyHole, as it were ) is made for communities, but for many other things too.

    The user interface has a lot to wish for of course. When you get many places to visit or when you get large communities, it’s hard to organize them within the interface. I think we will finally have a local searchable database for the kmz files.

    AS for Mark idea here, if it goes to full scale, one could assume that the community would be rather large. My suggestion above to have a central service script knitting the many kmz files together in one large file, that should be checked and updated dynamically when a user starts Google Earth may not be feasible.

    But the built in mechanism for dynamic update may make possible a distributed system in which GE itself makes incremental updates to to the place marks from different servers on the basis of coordinates and distance.

    Comment by Petit — 23:32 Fri 20 Jan 2006 @ 23:32 Fri 20 Jan 06

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  16. My apologies for pinging from a post on my blog, that disappeared when my Firefox spell checker killed it. It’s now restored.

    Comment by Petit — 18:19 Sat 21 Jan 2006 @ 18:19 Sat 21 Jan 06

  17. Lat – 51°45’23.31″N
    Long – 1°15’37.31″W

    Blogging (most of the time) from the middle of Oxford!

    Comment by Thad — 23:29 Sun 5 Mar 2006 @ 23:29 Sun 5 Mar 06

  18. Lat- 30″35’11.24 N
    Long- 88″11’59.99 W

    A blog of the rantings of a possible madman: ‘Omar the Bull’!
    Near Mobile, Alabama USA

    “No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.”
    ~Ronald Reagan~

    Comment by Omar — 10:52 Mon 6 Mar 2006 @ 10:52 Mon 6 Mar 06

  19. Thanks for putting me on the map. I looked at it though, and inexplicably I’m about a mile and a half off. Those coordinates were from google maps too! Anyhow, there’s a KMZ here which gives the right and proper location. We wouldn’t want any would-be stalkers to get lost.

    Comment by Dave Vogt — 15:58 Wed 29 Mar 2006 @ 15:58 Wed 29 Mar 06

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  21. Cool idea! I’d like to be the first one on the map in New South Wales…

    My Lat: 34°22'31.38"S and Lon: 150°32'28.19"E
    My blog title the same as my name until I think of something better :)

    Comment by Jeremy — 23:42 Mon 8 May 2006 @ 23:42 Mon 8 May 06

  22. I have a wordpress blog and would love to be marked on your map/

    We are located in Corpus Christi, Texas on North Padre Island. Our blog is simple it covers anything about the Island we live on. It has events, weather, pictures, summer drinks, and soon much more.

    27 47′ 32 N
    97 25’ 34 W

    I think the google map idea you came up with is just super.

    Thank you
    Gary Trayler

    Comment by Gary — 02:39 Sat 10 Jun 2006 @ 02:39 Sat 10 Jun 06

  23. I have a WordPress blog I would like be recorded on your map

    This is a web blog pertaining to community planning, zoning and political issues affecting the lives of residents in the Islands Trust Area of British Columbia, Canada and commonly referred to as the gulf islands.

    Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada
    Latitude:49.18′ North
    Longitude:123.87′ West

    Comment by timethief — 23:50 Fri 16 Jun 2006 @ 23:50 Fri 16 Jun 06

  24. Look mom, I’m on teh intarweb! :-)

    Comment by h0bbel — 19:36 Wed 28 Jun 2006 @ 19:36 Wed 28 Jun 06

  25. Hello :)

    Located In Montreal – Canada ;)

    General blog info , wordpress plugins , university info … personal blog .

    Comment by Chaaban — 15:50 Sun 29 Oct 2006 @ 15:50 Sun 29 Oct 06

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  27. Dear sir,

    How can I add my address in good earth ?
    Pls help me to di it.

    Beste regards,
    Morteza Habibnia
    Commercial Manager

    Comment by Mr Morteza Habibnia — 10:53 Sat 20 Jan 2007 @ 10:53 Sat 20 Jan 07

  28. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

    Comment by Annerose — 20:13 Mon 22 Jan 2007 @ 20:13 Mon 22 Jan 07

  29. GOOGLE EARTH ROCKS!! (and NASA World Wind thought it was big) AAAH HA HA HA!! That’s funny! Google Earth is way better than anything else, except that NASA World Wind has cool earth clouds and, um… well that’s it. ]=)


    Comment by SilverSpokes — 05:02 Sat 24 Feb 2007 @ 05:02 Sat 24 Feb 07

  30. oooh, I forgot to mention my name is Ian, just like the #1 Ian abbove.


    Comment by SilverSpokes — 05:05 Sat 24 Feb 2007 @ 05:05 Sat 24 Feb 07

  31. hei did you know that it is no deal to publish you google my map in wordpress ? see here

    Comment by peter — 12:59 Wed 9 May 2007 @ 12:59 Wed 9 May 07

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