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09:58 Thu 1 Dec 2005

No presents for a bad Sony

Filed under: News,Tech — 09:58 Thu 1 Dec 05

An excellent idea methinks:

Image from Boing Boing


  1. Spread the word!
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    <img src="; alt="No Xmas for Sony" title="Boycott Sony Christmas 2005!" border="0">

    Comment by JanMartin — 12:41 Thu 1 Dec 2005 @ 12:41 Thu 1 Dec 05

  2. I doubt I’ll be buying any more Sony products in a hurry. Not just over the rootkit fiasco but I’m not best pleased with the way their gaming division treats their customers either (referring to Star Wars Galaxies here).

    Sony have upset a fair few people lately.

    Comment by Zenith — 15:09 Thu 1 Dec 2005 @ 15:09 Thu 1 Dec 05

  3. Well I’m playing Everquest 2 online, and I must thank Sony for making that game available. Is like a drug though, so maybe is better if it is closed! :D

    Comment by Jack Norton — 16:10 Sat 3 Dec 2005 @ 16:10 Sat 3 Dec 05

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