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22:39 Tue 4 Oct 2005

Ikaruga Video

Filed under: Gaming — 22:39 Tue 4 Oct 05

Linked by If Else is this really cool video of someone playing a two player version of arcade Ikaruga. Of all the shooters I’ve played, it is by far the hardest, even more so than Aeroblasters, Hellfire, R-type, Gaiares and the Thunderforce series on Megadrive which is the era of the scrolling shoot’em up for me. Ikaruga is insanely difficult.


  1. Insanely difficult but wonderfully rewarding. I can’t help but love the polarity system in that game.

    Comment by If Else — 23:12 Tue 4 Oct 2005 @ 23:12 Tue 4 Oct 05

  2. Well, I’m skeptical about the video. How do we really know that it was the same person playing both controls at the same time? Could just be some fancy editing! :^)

    Comment by Craig — 05:30 Wed 5 Oct 2005 @ 05:30 Wed 5 Oct 05

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