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21:17 Thu 14 Jul 2005

Imbalanced heat

Filed under: Disorder,Health — 21:17 Thu 14 Jul 05

Horrible day. The heat over the last few days finally knocked my fluid balance far enough that some of the nasty Li+ side effects kicked in. Of course trying to compensate by taking more fluids and salt didn’t help as I probably threw it the wrong way again so I’ve felt like death all day and I’m seeing side-effects too which I thought I’d passed…. not fun at all. I want to move to Norway.


  1. Well, Canada is a nice place, too, so Norway need not be your only choice! Then again, I’m not sure you Brits can handle a real winter… :razz:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    Comment by Craig — 22:29 Thu 14 Jul 2005 @ 22:29 Thu 14 Jul 05

  2. Canada ? Winter ? Too much for me ?
    Not a chance mate !
    (Mind…..’spose I would need sleeves on the tees ;) )

    Comment by Mark — 23:00 Thu 14 Jul 2005 @ 23:00 Thu 14 Jul 05

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