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21:17 Tue 21 Jun 2005

Rowing away

Filed under: Chatter — 21:17 Tue 21 Jun 05

Amazingly quick the time went on the rowing machine today – great music (Faithless), good concentration and no breathing problems. That combined with some good weights and I was (and am) a happy bunny.
While I was there I had some ideas – I’ve forgotten if they were good ones – about site updating / sorting things out but what with general family distractions I’ve forgotten it all. It’s like I know I had a list but not what was on it.

I went to upgrade D’s blog but she’s changed her password so I can’t. Such is giving a child knowledge eh ?

And J tells me I’m quite sane right now. That’s a bonus :)


  1. Sanity is no fun :yummy:


    Comment by Jennifer — 04:05 Wed 22 Jun 2005 @ 04:05 Wed 22 Jun 05

  2. Glad you’re not being cryptic today. Yesterday I got confused and then tried to eat my pencil. Or that could be that I’m bricking it about getting a new job.

    Comment by Jo — 13:59 Wed 22 Jun 2005 @ 13:59 Wed 22 Jun 05

  3. Jo – #irc one night ? Have a natter ?

    And yesterday ? It wasn’t just overly cryptic, it could have been an over-reaction by me which means the crypticness (new word!) is a good thing. I think :)

    Comment by Mark — 14:22 Wed 22 Jun 2005 @ 14:22 Wed 22 Jun 05

  4. :) Will try to get on tomorrow night, have some forms to fill in today, then I’m off to the diving club for a walk/drink.

    Comment by Jo — 18:49 Wed 22 Jun 2005 @ 18:49 Wed 22 Jun 05

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