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11:24 Wed 25 May 2005

Altering Reality

Filed under: Disorder — 11:24 Wed 25 May 05

Saw the shrink earlier. I’m telling him about some things I don’t like and the topic of medication change comes up. I’m not one going for change just for it’s own sake but I think there is merit in a change and I explained why. His response was typical shrink: “Come back in x months and if y has happened, we’ll do z”. So while not expecting this response right here and now, I have seen medics use this tactic far too many times – it is short for “I can’t be arsed” or “I’m not sure” or “I have to ask the real Dr”. So I challenged him. I pointed out that in x months if y HAS happened he will blame it on another event we discussed and if y has NOT happened he will do precisely the same – so in x months we would be no further forward. So why not do it now. So he agreed. Result is that my reality will alter slightly (at least I hope that is the case) for the next few weeks and then hopefully settle at a level I am comfortable with but without the specific effects I’m having which were the force behind the change. I wonder if any changes will be noticeable here ?

Plugin Idea: Graph number of entries / week with size of entries / week and display over time. Would be interesting to see if there is a discernable difference.

Yesterday, P had a friend over and when they were playing a game in the back garden, a ball got hit into a back neighbours garden. Off she goes to get it back. Knocking on the door of the house in question, an old lady answers and asks P where she lives. On hearing the answer, the old lady says “Oh, your father is the new Vicar then ?”. (P put her right :) )


  1. My dad’s the vicar! And you look nothing like him mate… can’t see you in the clergy somehow… :P

    Comment by AJ — 15:14 Wed 25 May 2005 @ 15:14 Wed 25 May 05

  2. Would love to know how she described you :wink:

    Good luck with the new meds

    Comment by dino — 17:05 Wed 25 May 2005 @ 17:05 Wed 25 May 05

  3. Thanks guys !

    That last bit would have made more sense if I said that the last occupant here – our landlord – was the vicar :)

    Comment by Mark — 17:56 Wed 25 May 2005 @ 17:56 Wed 25 May 05

  4. Mark as a vicar, now thats a scary thought. I can just see it now, Mark in a collar wearing an atheist tee shirt. :smile:

    Comment by fluffy — 09:27 Thu 26 May 2005 @ 09:27 Thu 26 May 05

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  6. I just quit taking my meds one day and never went back. They made me fat. I can’t stand how shrinks think the answer to everything is medication.

    Comment by tv shows — 05:20 Wed 20 Jul 2005 @ 05:20 Wed 20 Jul 05

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