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21:23 Thu 19 May 2005

Quiet here …

Filed under: Family Life,Personal — 21:23 Thu 19 May 05

What a waste of time that was …. just rang the BBC, CNN, ABC, ITV, C4, Sky, IRN, the print press and yet none of them are the slightest bit interested in featuring the story of my youngest having something wrong with her which as yet is not determined but which is potentially life-changing. Odd really, only the other day every media outlet I could access was going on about someone who has a known illness. Strange. Or not.

Why, when you say “War” do all yanks immediately say “Iraq” ? Get this – there is more than one war going on okay ?

Bri’s spot here is password protected for a while. If she says, I’ll post here on what’s what.


  1. When somebody says “war”, I say “Huh! What is it good for?”

    Comment by =bmd= — 22:07 Thu 19 May 2005 @ 22:07 Thu 19 May 05

  2. ‘Absolutely nothing!

    Comment by AJ — 22:41 Thu 19 May 2005 @ 22:41 Thu 19 May 05

  3. Say it again.

    Comment by Father Luke — 01:04 Fri 20 May 2005 @ 01:04 Fri 20 May 05

  4. War, what is it good for? huh absolutley nothing y’all Good ol Edwin Star. Jesus I was still in School when that came out…Nice to see you back Mark :)

    Comment by joss — 10:04 Fri 20 May 2005 @ 10:04 Fri 20 May 05

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