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09:26 Sat 14 May 2005

Wood / Trees

Filed under: Chatter — 09:26 Sat 14 May 05

I spent 15 minutes looking through menus and system stuff last night to try and figure out why the speaker sound on the computer was so low. Then I saw the headphones were plugged in.

Earlier, I spent some time hunting through the garage – which is still piled with various things – to try and find a chuck key. I needed to transfer a drillbit from the plugin drill to the cordless drill. Could not find it. Then realised that the holes I needed to drill were about 6 inches away from a plug socket.

Vacuuming. I fell into the trap yesterday of running the hoover over some thread – the thread stuck to the carpet. So I tried again. And again. Finally, I bent down and picked up the thread to check it was not nailed to the floor. Satisfied it was indeed free to move, I put it back on the carpet – where it instantly clung again. It ended up in my pocket.

I seem to have broken my habit of looking in the fridge for something even when I know no-one has been near it since I last looked and found what I wanted was not there.


  1. Oh boy Mark, you crack me up. Sad thing is, I’ve done this stuff too.

    Comment by Cameron aka desk003 — 10:39 Sat 14 May 2005 @ 10:39 Sat 14 May 05

  2. That’s scary is that. Just like moi ! Especially the hoovering bit and the bloody fridge. I constantly look in the fridge. Nothing changes but I still have to look. Must mention that to the psych…compulsive fridge checking….

    Comment by joss — 12:08 Sat 14 May 2005 @ 12:08 Sat 14 May 05

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