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22:54 Mon 2 May 2005

I did 10K !

Filed under: Fitness — 22:54 Mon 2 May 05

47 minutes, 23 seconds and I completed 10,000m on the rowing machine.
Resistance level 4, average 500m split time of 2 minutes 22.15 seconds.
Okay so it’s a bit slow – it felt slow at time but my first 2000m were about the 2:10 point which I knew I could struggle to keep up with so better to slow down a wee bit. I forgot the bottle I normally take so had to slow to a virtual stop twice to drink so that time can be reduced some. But the point was to actually DO IT. And I did.
Target ? To drop that time I think, but rather than hammer away at it, I’ll work at 5000 and on some fast short bursts. And the muscles that hurt the most were the butt muscles. They ached.


  1. Just found your blog…like it! Well done on the 10k…I’m getting there finally got to 7500m before passing out so getting there slowly! I’ll be back again soon!

    Comment by Claire — 23:28 Mon 2 May 2005 @ 23:28 Mon 2 May 05

  2. You’ll be applying to the Olympics rowing team next then ?:razz:

    Comment by joss — 09:33 Tue 3 May 2005 @ 09:33 Tue 3 May 05

  3. Mark – when you do that rowing stuff – does your body jewellery rattle ?

    Comment by Root — 10:11 Wed 4 May 2005 @ 10:11 Wed 4 May 05

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