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19:49 Thu 17 Feb 2005


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Fixed a computer this morning. What with all the scans took a while, but the guy was annoyed with adsl – “They said it would speed things up but it’s slower than dial up” Yup, that would be the heaps of garbage all firing away. Every scanner I ran found issues. “What’s a firewall ?” I heard behind me as I muttered through my tasklist….Given he’s been downloading with Winmx and Kazaa (“that’s okay -it’s the Lite one”) the fool has had an open machine for heaven knows how long. He was amazed I could get it to reboot in less than 10 minutes ! And yes, he paid …. but then I came back to find the girls had discovered a fair to go to with their mates. Needless to say, I am a money-free zone again :)

Some changes here ..
The technorati cosmos (“Incoming”) code now formats the links as list items. This is good.
The reading list now holds all my blog bookmarks that I have in Firefox. As that would make a fairly hefty list though, I’ve used a template tag to just grab a random 14 (why 14 ? because then it matches with the Friends list above!) . It’s deliberately not set to show by updated because I can’t know who pings what or when. So if you are looking, that’s why it’s like it is now.
Sidebar jiggled slightly and if I get time, I’ll finish the style here.

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