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15:22 Wed 17 Nov 2004

Two news items

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The London-based Privacy International (PI) recommended a default flash be incorporated as standard in camera phones to prevent people taking covert pictures. No it won’t. Which drunken idiot dreamt up that twaddle ? Flash can be disabled, or they could use that other technological feature – a finger to cover it! What they going to do them eh ? Surround the aperture with sharp spikes ?? Don’t you just know that that decision was called for in a committee, by someone higher than the rest of the nodding dogs around the table ?

On Richard & Judy this morning was Chancellor Gordon Brown. My issue isn’t with him though, it’s with a caller. This caller was over retirement age and was talking about allowances and things. No problem with that … but then he started on about he had fought in the war, if it wasn’t for him and people like him blah bah blah. I hope this guy was at least 77 years old – because if he was less, he’ll have been lying and just trotting out that tale of self-sacrifice that so many old people do.
It’s not that I resent senior citizens (I think the term pensioner is derogatory), or that their sacrifice – for that is what it was – is not recognised, but more that, well, it was quite a while ago now and although it doesn’t diminish what occurred, whinging about it does do that. It’s also an easy thing to trot out over the phone to try and get one over on someone else.
And anyway, the way Blair is going, he’ll have us all speaking French anyway.

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