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16:10 Thu 8 Jul 2004


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As voted by her peers.

You can’t feel as proud as we both do today.


  1. Excellent stuff – I can only hope to raise my kids half as well as you’ve done yours. Congratulations all round!

    Comment by Jayne — 19:51 Thu 8 Jul 2004 @ 19:51 Thu 8 Jul 04

  2. Yay! and Hurrah! :mrgreen:

    Comment by dino — 20:12 Thu 8 Jul 2004 @ 20:12 Thu 8 Jul 04

  3. Awrighty! Way to Go!!! :mrgreen:

    Comment by Thunderbyrd — 07:09 Fri 9 Jul 2004 @ 07:09 Fri 9 Jul 04

  4. Excellent stuff, good on her. :)

    Comment by Jo — 15:41 Fri 9 Jul 2004 @ 15:41 Fri 9 Jul 04

  5. Give the lass a jaffa cake :grin:
    well done

    Comment by -slh- — 16:07 Fri 9 Jul 2004 @ 16:07 Fri 9 Jul 04

  6. Cheers all …. and she still thinks the other lad should get it !

    Comment by Mark — 00:12 Sat 10 Jul 2004 @ 00:12 Sat 10 Jul 04

  7. […] Today is the last day of D’s compulsory education. This is the point where I talk about how I remember walking with me to playgroup every day – she had to stretch a bit to reach my hand, performing in various plays and concerts throughout the years, sports days!, going to primary school and when there was a parent’s evening we went and I was amazed at the really small chairs and they too, along with the smells, colours and materials brought back memories of my own time at ‘little school’. Praising her when she came home with merit certificates, helping with reading / spelling / maths…, meeting her outside school and walking home or if it was nice going to play in the park. Understanding perfectly that the bunch of squiggles really was our family in her paintings. Going to more parent’s evenings and being thoroughly bored because no teacher had anything even remotely not good to say about her. Her going on school trips and even overnight school outings and being confident in doing so. We have a very large box in the garage full of most of the ‘artwork’ she brought back, full of the great piles of books, pictures and models that they come home with at the end of the school year – summer holidays of having to entertain her (and her sister) have gone as they can do it themselves now – we have no idea if she or us will ever look at those books and pictures again but we keep them…it’s the right thing to do. Then later at college with work there, relationships there, being voted pupil of the year by all the other pupils Time really has rushed by………… and D, when you read this, and I’m sure you know – we are incredibly proud of you. You turned out good :) ¤ Read (1) […]

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