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23:16 Sat 29 May 2004

BB5 Newsgroup

Filed under: Big Brother,Chatter — 23:16 Sat 29 May 04

Random quotes from there:

Does for gays what Myxomatosis does for rabbits”

When you delete a number from your mobile phone, where does it go?”

“We have one Boy George Act- alike, one Boy George lookalike, Tarzan, a homophobic, a self proclaimed alpha male and one male whose ego is longer than his hair. And thats just the males!”

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  1. Kitten! Is that kitten as in sex, or someone should have tied them in a bag and dropped them in a river at birth?

    Comment by MartinDB — 16:37 Sun 30 May 2004 @ 16:37 Sun 30 May 04

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