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21:21 Tue 18 May 2004

Wtf ?

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Author : sdfsdf (IP: ,

Author : menime (IP: ,

Author : i hate u (IP: ,

All abuse posts, all in the last 30 mins, all banned. My IP banlist increases…..


Just checked the site stuff. The Error log is 12K for the day, but the access log is 1.22meg so far. I have no idea what my normal access log size is, or when the server is set to reset (GMT or whatever) ……. this is very odd. Spam, yes – that’s easily dealt with by the WP defaults and plugins, but these posts ? And things like this in the log “(13)Permission denied: file permissions deny server access: “


(Reference: 65.7 and 663.55 at time of post)

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  1. I got it too… was rather confused. I think its pretty sad that we can get spammed on our blogs now as well as in our inboxes :(

    Comment by bri — 07:40 Wed 19 May 2004 @ 07:40 Wed 19 May 04

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