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00:43 Fri 23 Apr 2004

Monty Python

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I figured I ought to update the newsreader in preparation for producing the end of month stats that I do.
I do this for 4 ng’s, one being
I actually unsubbed from this a couple of weeks ago due to a spam attack, but I’d forgotten – until now, all about that attack. It’s a busy group, the busiest I stat for anyway. Here are some numbers just til today for current posts;

uk.people.bodyart – last month 566, this month 268

rec.arts.bodyart – last month 1186, this month 625

alt.misc.friends – last month 1222, this month 959

and – last month 2317, this month a whopping 18,000

The stats program has stripped them all out, but nevertheless, that’s how many posts hit that group this month. And all in the same 3 days, and most very obviously from the same person ….

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