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18:14 Mon 19 Apr 2004


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Made some small alterations to the linkage on the right. Duplicate links removed (links in cosmos mainly were being duped, so I removed the others) and the order changed. If it screws up cosmos, I’ll revert back.

Played a bit with Waypath too. One of the settings governs how strictly a match is found for your post, and I’ve set it to the middle of those settings (’normal’) to see what happens, and the text size is a wee bit larger too.
I followed a few of the links last night, and it really is a good way of following a line of random blogging. Some good reading out there ! It’s not just a WP feature either – there are plugins for MT at

I would really like to alter the page too, but I’m lacking – as usual – any sort of inspiration …….

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